MDEMA Committees

The following committees, along with elected leadership, comprise the structure of the Maryland Emergency Management Association.  

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Symposium Committee

Chairperson- Amanda Faul

This group oversees several sub-committees that are responsible for all facets of planning our annual symposium.


Legislation Committee

Chairperson- Chris Meyer

This committee monitors legislation at the state and federal level to report out potential impacts for Emergency Managers in the state of Maryland.


Bylaws Committee

Chairperson- Rick Ayers

This committee reviews existing bylaws and addresses concerns, proposes changes, and oversees the change process.


Scholarship Committee

Chairperson- Ronnie Gill

This committee works to review, evaluate, and vote on which scholapship applications are approved.


Nominations Committee

Chairperson- Richard Brooks

This group oversees the nomination and election process at the annual symposium where all elected offices are voted upon.