The Maryland Emergency Management Association promotes and supports an all-hazards approach to Emergency Management in the State of Maryland.

Originally formed in 1986 as the Maryland Emergency Management and Civil Defense Association the organization was formed to promote and support adequate Emergency Management and Civil Defense in the State of Maryland; coordinate the efforts of all members in a common front to protect the lives and property of all persons within the State against natural or man-made disasters or enemy action; to evaluate and disseminate the common experience and collective judgment of those specialists trained in and responsible for Emergency Management and Civil Defense activities; serve as a clearing house for ideas, suggestions and courses of action between members; and to act in concert with and in a professional advisory capacity to other organizations regarding Emergency Management and Civil Defense. The original officers of the Association included John Schroeder from Prince Georges County as President, Owen Morris, Allegany County as Vice President, and Edward Lent, Prince Georges County, as the Secretary/Treasurer.

Today the organization, with almost 100 members, continues to promote Emergency Management efforts across the State of Maryland. The Association welcomes local Emergency Management staff as well as Professional/Technical and Corporate Memberships. We encourage continued involvement from our retired members offering them lifetime membership and participation in Association activities.

At both the Local and State level the Association members promote emergency preparedness not only in the State but also with our Emergency Management partners in Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Delaware. The Maryland Emergency Management Association, “Partners in Preparedness”.